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Тема уроку № 26 Радіо та телебачення


1.опрацювати матеріал за посиленням - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TV_radio


вивчити ЛО теми

3. виконати вправу -

Match the words with their definitions:

Broadcast join, put together, unite;

Mention apparatus for receiving broadcast signals;

Connect thing that can be heard;

Application speak or write about something briefly;

Connection situated next to somebody (something);

Transmit send out signals, programmes by radio waves;

Receiver of different kind, varied;

Sound act, operate;

Wave place or point where two things are connected;

Neighbouring send out programmes by television or radio;

Diverse act of putting a theory, discovery into practical use;

Function motion by which electricity, radio, etc. is spread

4.зробити презентацию на вивчену тему


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Тема уроку №27 Кібернетика

завдання- прочитать, перекласти текст

1.The study of control processes in electronic, mechanical, and biological systems is known cybernetics. The word was coined in 1948 by the American mathematician Norbert Wiener from Greek word meaning pilot or steersman. Cybernetics is concerned with the analysis of the flow information in both living organisms and machines, but it is particularly concerned with systems are capable of regulating their own operations without human control.

Automatic regulation is accomplished by using information about the state of the end product is fed back to the regulating device, causing it to modify or correct production procedures if necessary. The concept of feedback is at the very heart of cybernetics and is what makes a system automatic a self-regulating. A simple example of a self-regulating machine is a thermostat, which reacts continual feedback about the outside temperature and responds accordingly to achieve temperature that has been programmed into it.

The applications of cybernetics are wide reaching, appearing in science, engineering, technology sociology, economics, education, and medicine. Computers can keep a patient alive during a surge operation, making instantaneous modifications based on a constant flow of information. In education, teaching machines use cybernetic principles to instruct students on an individual basis. In the home, automation is present in such everyday products as refrigerators, coffee makers, and dishwashers. In industry, automation is increasing its applications, although it is currently applied primarily to the large- scale production of single units. In industries in which a break in the flow of production can ruin the product, automatic controls are invaluable. Chemical and petroleum plants are now almost complete automatic, as are industries involved in the production of chemicals and atomic energy. Automat has become the answer when human safety is the number one priority.

2.зробить тест

Choose the right answer:

1. Cybernetics is the study of control processes in all of the systems EXCEPT

(A) ecological

(B) biological

(C) mechanical

(D) electronic

2. According to the passage, the word "cybernetics" was coined from the Greek word meaning

(A) information

(B) automatic

(C) pilot

(D) regulator

3. According to the passage, cybernetics is primarily concerned with systems that

(A) are controlled by humans

(B) analyze flows of information

(C) are self-regulating

(D) have wide-reaching applications

4. According to the passage, how is a regulation accomplished?

(A) By modifying and correcting production procedures

(B) By -feeding information to the regulatory device

(C) By analyzing the flow of information to the organism

(D) By making modifications in cybernetic principles

5. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as an area in which cybernetics has applications?

(A) Technology

(B) Engineering

(C) Philosophy

(D) Education

6. According to the passage, automation in industry is primarily used in producing:

(E) large quantities of a single unit

(F) everyday household products

(G) small amounts of many different products

(H) high-tech surgical instrument

7. According to the passage, automation is extremely important when the top priority is

(I) efficiency

(J) speed

(K) convenience

(L) safety


Фізична культура


Тема №75. Баскетбол.

Ведення та передача м’яча в русі зі зміною напрямку.


Самостійне вивчення передач м’яча.

Інтернет- ресурси https://youtu.be/wwrXq6Mu1fk


Фізична культура


Тема №76. Баскетбол.

Виконання стандартного кидка у кошик. Навчальна гра.


Самостійно відпрацювати  кидки м’яча з різної відстані.

Інтернет- ресурси https://youtu.be/40Va0FtD4EI




Тема уроку № 23: Неметали. Загальна характеристика неметалів. Фізичні властивості.


1.Повторити  §14,16  стор. 84, 90 підручника вивчити основні поняття.

2.Записати у зошит основні поняття формули хімічних реакцій: неметалічні елементи, ї поширення у природі; атоми і йони неметалічних елементів; фізичні властивості неметалів.

3.Виконати  у зошиті вправи № 104,105




Тема уроку № 24: Алотропія. Алотропні модифікації речовин неметалічних елементів. Явище адсорбції.


1.Повторити  §15-16  стор. 84-94 підручника вивчити основні поняття.

2.Записати у зошит основні поняття формули хімічних реакцій: алотропія;  флотропні модифікації речовин неметалічних елементів; явище адсорбції.

3.Виконати  у зошиті вправи № 110,111,112,118,119


Основи психологічної праці




Основи психологічної праці